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Car Hotel: fast, simple and comfortable

Going on holiday to sunnier climes or to snow-clad landscapes? Or must you spend a few days abroad on company business? Car Hotel sees that you reach the airport and get home again easily and pleasantly. Meanwhile we take care of your car.

Safe, fast, simple and inexpensive, that, in a nutshell, is what Car Hotel is all about.

because you leave your car behind at a secure car park where no non authorized person has access. On arrival 8 digital photos are taken of your car, you get it back in exactly the same condition. We have stood guarantee for a perfect service for more than 10 years now! The price of the car park also includes an insurance against fire and theft. You don’t get much safer than that!

Fast and simple. No stress from driving around looking for a parking space because our coworkers park your car for you in the Car Hotel building or at the car park in open air in very crowded periods. They load your luggage on the comfortable shuttlebus that you take after registration at the reception desk. In just 8 minutes you arrive at the airport without stops or queues because we use a private road. On your return journey you can look forward to a warm reception. Our shuttle comes at level 0 of the airport and takes you and your luggage straight to your car, waiting for you outside the Car Hotel.

Extra service! While your car is parked with us we can clean it by hand (inside and outside). When you return it will be shiny clean!

Would you like to surprise your partner with flowers when he/she returns from holiday? You can! On request Car Hotel will leave a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the reception desk for a pleasant homecoming.

For groups Car Hotel offers the ideal starting place for an unforgettable holiday. We can for instance see to it that breakfast is ready before departure. This and other services are always on request.

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